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Oil Refinery and Chemical Plant Injuries Corpus Christi

What to Do after an Accident

The work of an oil refinery or chemical plant employee is difficult and dangerous. Daily responsibilities require exposure to a risky combination of hazardous materials, chaotic working conditions, and potentially defective equipment. This risk is intensified when supervisors and coworkers fail to follow safety precautions or act in a reckless or negligent manner. The devastating outcome can be accidents that cause debilitating injuries and catastrophic deaths. However, if someone’s negligence contributed to the accident, victims can pursue legal action and financial compensation.

If you believe human error may have caused your oil refinery or chemical plant accident injuries, contact the Corpus Christi Law Office of Scott A. Nelson, P.C. today. Our law firm serves all Texas areas, including Galveston, Brownsville, and Laredo.

Here is some helpful information in the event that you are injured in a plant or refinery accident.

Toxic Exposure

If you’ve been exposed to a toxic chemical, you should alert your supervisor and contact emergency medical attention as soon as possible. You should immediately remove any contaminated clothing and jewelry, and then flush the exposed skin and your clothing with water for no less than 15 minutes. Don’t wash your skin with any solvents, as they can remove the natural protective oils from your skin and / or cause irritation. If you’ve been exposed to a flammable solid, brush off as much of the solid as you can, and then proceed with flushing your skin with water. If the chemical has entered your eyes, remove any contact lenses and flush the eyes with water for at least 15 minutes, holding your eyes open and rotating the eyeballs so all surface areas have been rinsed. Use an eye wash fountain, if available.

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In the case of an explosion, you should seek shelter under a sturdy table or desk until wreckage stops falling. Then, leave the scene of the explosion quickly and carefully, watching for weakened structures and other debris. Once you’ve left the site of the explosion, avoid hazardous areas such as windows and glass doors. If emergency crews are responding to the emergency, keep sidewalks and streets clear. If you’ve been trapped under something, you should avoid unnecessary movement, cover your nose and mouth with any material you have on hand (such as a piece of cotton clothing), and try to signal to rescuers using a flashlight, whistle, or tapping on a wall or pipe. Unless it’s your last resort, try to avoid shouting; it can cause you to inhale dangerous dust and particles.

If you work in a chemical plant or oil refinery and sustained injuries from an explosion or toxic exposure, contact Corpus Christi attorney Scott Nelson for legal advice today.

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Slip and Fall

If you slip and fall on the job at an oil refinery or chemical plant, you should remain calm. Though your pride may try to prevent you from doing so, ask for help. If you feel well enough to stand up safely, move slowly and deliberately, and stay on the scene of the fall. Seek medical assistance for a full examination, and have a doctor assess the damage.

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The Aftermath

Many injured plant or refinery workers suffer serious burn, brain, or spinal cord injury, loss of limbs, or paralysis. These injuries can be life-threatening and should be treated by a physician as soon as possible.

After seeking medical attention, it’s also a prudent idea to document the accident and your injuries. Try to preserve any evidence, and if possible, take photos of the scene of the accident. These tools may help your case if it goes to trial.

After any injuries have been attended to by medical professionals, victims of oil refinery or chemical plant injuries should contact Corpus Christi attorney Scott Nelson to discuss viable legal options. After consulting with him about your particular accident and injuries, Mr. Nelson will begin to lay the groundwork for your case. He’ll initiate a comprehensive investigation of the accident, using an extensive base of trusted resources and experts.

After gathering information and testimony pertinent to your case, Mr. Nelson will develop a legal strategy designed to obtain the maximum amount of financial compensation for your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering. He will consistently consult with you and your loved ones to confirm you are comfortable with the direction he takes your case, and ensure that your legal needs are being met.

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Contact an Experienced Oil Refinery and Chemical Plant Injury Attorney

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