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When personal injuries occur offshore, they may fall under the province of admiralty and maritime law.  Because the federal laws governing commerce and transportation on open waters are complex, individuals seeking restitution under their provisions are encouraged to retain the services of experienced maritime attorneys.  At the Law Office of Scott A. Nelson, P.C., our attorney represents personal injury claims with a particular emphasis on maritime and admiralty law.  Serving residents from Brownsville, Galveston, and other South Texas communities, maritime lawyer Scott Nelson is committed to helping injured individuals obtain compensation to which they may be entitled.  If you have been involved in an accident on navigable waters, Corpus Christi and South Texas maritime attorney Scott Nelson will fight to ensure that your rights are protected.   

About Maritime and Admiralty Law

Maritime and admiralty law is concerned with the government of coastal and international waters.  This body of federal laws takes effect three miles (or one marine league) from the coast and establishes the rules of commerce and navigation on navigable waters.  Though maritime actions may be tried in state courts, the federal maritime and admiralty laws take precedence over the laws of any particular state.  At our firm representing individuals from Corpus Christi and all of South Texas, maritime attorney Scott Nelson can help victims understand the laws and make informed decisions. 

Jones Act

The Jones Act, adopted in 1920, established the right of seamen employed on seagoing vessels and injured as a result of negligence to obtain compensation from a vessel's owner for their injuries.

Offshore Oil Rig Accidents

Individuals employed on offshore oil rigs have one of the world's most dangerous jobs.  They labor in the presence of heavy equipment and combustible materials, which increases the risk of catastrophic and even deadly oil rig accidents

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Cruise Ship Accidents

Though traveling on a luxury cruise ship can be an ideal way to relax, the fact is that passengers and crew face very real dangers of personal injury.  Cruise ship accidents happen far more frequently than the owners and operators of these vessels would like to admit.  From minor slips and falls to serious shipboard fires, the risks are real.  Many cruise lines require passengers to sign contracts that limit the extent of legal action a victim may take in the event of an accident.  Corpus Christi and South Texas maritime attorney Scott Nelson has extensive experience with the laws and statutes governing the operation of these vessels.  Such knowledgeable representation in these types of injury claims is vital to their success. 

Recreational Boating Accidents

Maritime law can be applied to accidents involving private pleasure craft.  Though operators have a legal responsibility to exercise due care in the operation of their vessels, recreational boating accidents often occur as a result of operators' recklessness or inexperience.  In the event of injury, victims from Brownsville, Galveston, and other South Texas communities can trust maritime lawyer Scott Nelson to provide the skilled representation needed to bring the liable party to justice.

Contact Corpus Christi Maritime Attorney Scott Nelson

At the Law Office of Scott A. Nelson, P.C., in Corpus Christi, our South Texas maritime attorney represents individuals in a variety of maritime matters.  To each case, Scott Nelson brings a breadth of experience and compassion, which has earned him the admiration and respect of his clients and peers.  Whether you or a loved one has been injured in a cruise ship or recreational boating accident, Brownsville and Galveston area maritime lawyer Scott Nelson is the professional to have in your corner.  To learn more about our practice or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact the Law Office of Scott A. Nelson, P.C.

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