Am I covered under the Jones Act (part 2)?

March 21, 2011 @ 12:15 PM -- by

Since I am a Corpus Christi and VictoriaJones Act lawyer, I am aware of the remedies available to an injured Jones Act seafarer. An employer owes a seaman a higher duty of care under the Jones Act than an ordinary negligence case, and the employer can be liable if its breach of that duty, no matter how small, contributed in any way to causing the seaman's injury. In order for a worker to recover under the Jones Act, a worker must prove some negligence or fault on the part of the vessel's owners, operators, officers, and/or fellow employees or by reason of any defect in the vessel, its gear, tackle, or equipment. The Jones Act also provides an injured seaman a remedy against his or her employers for injuries arising from negligent acts of co-workers during the course of employment on a ship or vessel.