Corpus Christi electrocution lawyer

March 28, 2012 @ 01:32 PM -- by

As a Corpus Christi electrocution lawyer, I am aware of the terrible injuries which occur when one is electrocuted. Indeed, some very horrible personal injuries occur when there is an electrical accident. The electricity which goes through a person’s body may disrupt nerves and the brain’s motor controls, causing horrific consequences. Also, serious burns and sometimes death are a result of electrocution accidents. These electrical accidents sometimes cause long term personal injuries which may affect vital organs in the body, including the heart, nervous system and brain.

Electrical current may interfere with the central nervous system and may also severely damage neurological pathways. This damage may cause paralysis to various body parts and may also cause severe damage to muscles and tissues.

Electrical shocks may also have severe psychological impacts on their victims. Being electrocuted is a harrowing and traumatic experience. With high voltage over a short period of time, these shocks cause bad burns. The heating effect on the body where a live wire makes contact often causes deep, severe and extensive burns.

Construction site workers are always at risk for electric shock incidents, especially with all the wires, work equipment, lighting and generators around the work site. These construction area electrocutions are caused by a myriad of reasons, and it is often hard to figure out the specific cause of your electrical accident.

 It is very important in electrocution cases to maintain and keep the important documentary, photographic and physical evidence. Experts need to be there as soon as possible. These types of cases may require electrical and civil engineers, as well as a forensic pathologist. There is also a need for a good construction safety expert. Also, a psychologist or psychiatrist may need to see the patient for an extended time.

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