Corpus Christi Burn Lawyer

March 20, 2012 @ 05:13 PM -- by

As a Corpus Christi burn injury lawyer, I am aware of the numerous causes of severe burns. Some of these may include:

   Industrial fuel explosions, often at the job site,

   Chemical burns at work, at homework or on construction or work sites,

   Electrical explosions,

   Gas explosions,

   Pipeline explosions,

   Defective product issues dealing with barbecues, stoves or heaters,

   Defective industrial products,

   Defective candles,

   Automobile or truck accidents with fires from fuel,

   Fires in homes, motels, apartments or offices, and

   Burns caused by improperly exposed marked wires, both above and below ground.

Typically, about half of all burn injuries are preventable. About 2,400,000 burns are reported in the United States each year. About 650,000 of these burn injuries are treated in the hospital, and up to 12,000 victims of burn injuries die each year. Many more have permanent disabilities because of burns. In fact, burn injuries are close to automobile accidents as the leading cause of accidental fatalities each year. In total, burns and fires are the leading causes of accidental deaths for children 14 and under.

Treatment for burn or fire-related injuries often takes years and costs many thousands of dollars. A burn of thirty percent of the body may cost several hundred thousand dollars. There are other high costs for reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation. Additionally, one of big threat to burn victims is infection. Our skin protects us from infection. Without the skin to protect us, burn victims have a very high risk for infection. In addition to scarring and the threat of infection, burn and fire injuries may kill nerve endings and cause paralysis and blindness. Moreover, burn victims may have severe emotional and psychological trauma.

Contact Corpus Christi burn lawyer Scott Nelson if you or a loved one has been a burn victim and needs help. Mr. Nelson serves all of Texas.