Corpus Christi trucking accident lawyer

March 14, 2012 @ 03:13 PM -- by

As a Corpus Christi trucking accident lawyer, I keep abreast of the issues involving eighteen wheeler accidents. Corpus Christi and the surrounding area is experiencing explosive growth with the recent Eagle Ford Shale drilling. This has brought numerous eighteen wheelers and trucks to the area. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of accidents because of this increase in traffic.

There are many causes of eighteen wheeler accidents. Sometimes, the drivers do not have the necessary training and experience. Some of the other causes may include:

1. Tire blowouts: Regular and routine maintenance and monitoring of big rig tires is important in avoiding blowouts. A blowout in a heavy and speeding eighteen wheeler can be very dangerous. These big trucks have less ability to maneuver and turn and a difficult time slowing down . The blowout may cause an imbalance of weight, which causes jacknifing, fishtailing and sometimes rolling over. This may cause injuries or death to other motorists.

2. Defective equipment:

The law requires all trucking companies to keep maintenance data for all trucks. Poor truck maintenance, improperly secured cargos, bad brakes, and bad steering maintenance all may cause a truck driver to be unable to safely and operate a big rig.

3. Driver error:

Driver errors often cause accidents. Some of these driver errors resulting in accidents include inattentive driving, exceeding the speed limit, improper passing, passing mistakes, failing to yield, tailgating, and the improper use of turn signals. Of course, the huge size and enormous weight of eighteen wheelers make them extremely dangerous to smaller vehicles on the road.

4. Working too many hours (fatigue):

The United States Department of Transportation regulates how many hours a commercial truck driver may drive the truck. These regulations focus on how long a truck driver may drive their truck without rest. When the truck drivers have reached this mandated limit, they may not drive until they have off for ten hours in a row.

5. Improper load securement:

Accidents are sometimes caused by unsecured cargo which falls from the truck. Literally thousands of accidents have been caused by cargo which has been improperly secured/tied down or secured/tied down by damaged equipment.

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