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As a San Antonio maritime lawyer, I know that it is important to take boating safety seriously. Boating accidents happen quickly and can be deadly. Remember that a boat does not have brakes and water can drown you fast. Boating is not dangerous if a few maritime precautions are heeded. Here are some safety dos and don’ts which should be helpful:

Do wear a life jacket. Humans don’t float without one.

Do know the water, lake levels, and environment you will be boating in.  Remember now that lake levels are low because of the drought, exposing many hazards.

Do shut the engines off when people are in the water around the boat. 

Do wear the boat kill switch when driving your boat.

Do keep a lookout while running the boat.  Watch for boat drivers not as cautious as you are.

Do check the weather before getting under way. Watch out for lightning.

Don’t overload the boat.

Don’t stand up in a small boat.

Don’t let people ride on the gunwale, seat backs, bow, or any place not designed for passengers.

Don’t drink or use drugs while driving the boat. This is the cause of many San Antonio boating accidents.

Here are some other things to remember:

All boats must have a personal flotation device (pfd) for each person onboard.

All children should an approved life jacket (pfd) when riding on the open deck of any boat.

All boats in operation at night must have appropriate navigation lights.

All boats should have a working fire extinguisher.

All boats should be inspected for damage or problems if they have not been used for awhile. Also check the trailer, tires, springs, strap, winch, tire pressure and trailer lights.

Always clean your battery terminals.

Always check all fluid levels (oil, power steering, etc.)

Inspect the propeller periodically.

Inspect the safety equipment regularly.

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