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As a Port Isabel and Harlingen maritime Jones Act lawyer, I am always interested in the early history of this remarkable place in Texas. Port Isabel is found in Cameron County, approximately sixteen miles to the northeast of Brownsville. Port Isabel is connected to South Padre Island by the two mile long Queen Isabella Causeway.

The first settlement in the area was called Brazos Santiago. It was found on Brazos Island. There are some historical records indicating that water sellers came to the to the area in 1788 to get their water. The area was also used by people to get out of the heat as a summer resort by 1800. Jean Laffite, the famous and notorious pirate, dug a 15 foot water well about five miles from Port Isabel. However, there was no official claim of ownership to the land until 1828. At that time, the land was granted to Rafael García as a part of the Pasture de Santa Isabel.

Shortly thereafter, a small community developed at the site. In the 1830's, it was called El Frontón de Santa Isabel. Thereafter, the name became Punta de Santa Isabel, which means Point Isabel. In 1845, a post office was established with the name Point Isabel. In 1845, a cholera outbreak broke out, which caused much suffering.

By 1850, Port Isabel had become the second largest town in the immediate area. By 1859, Port Isabel was exporting $10,000,000 worth of cotton each year, a hefty sum. In 1853, the Port Isabel Lighthouse was constructed. This lighthouse served as a lookout during a conflict known as the Cortina War. During the first three years of the United States Civil War, Port Isabel was used as a haven for blockade runners because it was so close to Mexico.

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