Dredging accident lawyer

June 27, 2011 @ 04:30 PM -- by

As a Texas dredging accident lawyer, I understand the many risks to workers when dredging passes and waterways. Many of Texas’ passes, ports and waterways are not naturally free flowing and deep enough for the various ships that use them. For instance, Port Mansfield, Texas was just dredged within the last few months. These passes have to be dredged so commercial vessels can use them. Dredging is often a dangerous and complicated task for the seamen who keep our commerce flowing.

In Texas, there are various types of dredges which are used for specific tasks. Some are used to break up materials, while others cut materials. There are also suction dredge vessels, which act like an underwater vacuum cleaner, sucking up sediment and spitting it out elsewhere. There are also mechanical bucket dredges. These dredges have several moving buckets which dig down and lift sediment and sand.

A lot of dredging in Texas occurs to excavate, deepen or clean out waterways for large, deep draft vessels. Of course, this entails moving tons of shells, trash, rocks, sand and sediments. If this material is not moved, large vessels cannot safely enter and exit to do their business. Dredgers bring in heavy and dangerous dredging machinery and equipment to deepen the area and make it safe. Workers, of course, have to be safely trained to properly operate the machinery. Mistakes may lead to serious injuries and death.

The work is often physically difficult. It is done under tough conditions and often in dangerous and inclement weather. Workers often work long shifts. This fatigue may lead to serious injuries and accidents. Moreover, dredge workers often have to get in the water to fix broken equipment or remove large pieces of debris under the water. Pollutants, such as oil and chemicals, as well as dangerous substances may be moved around while dredging, causing dangerous health conditions, as well as environmental problems.

Fortunately, dredge workers are protected by maritime law. The are often defined as "seaman", so they get the protections of the Jones Act.

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