Paxil birth defects (part 3)

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Since I serve as a Corpus Christi Paxil birth defects lawyer, I am very interested in the lawsuits occurring around the nation because of these birth defects. Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is currently defending over 600 Paxil lawsuits which have been filed by families whose children were born with these birth defects. Paxil lawyers helping these people have found evidence that GSK might have intentionally hid information dealing with the causal link between Paxil and birth defects from the Food & Drug Administration. To date, there have been no plans announced to recall the drug because of he link with these birth defects. GSK has settled nearly 200 of these cases dealing with the birth defects. Most of these cases have asserted that the babies born to mothers taking the drug suffered from heart defects.

Paxil birth defects (part 2)

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As a Corpus Christi and Texas Paxil birth defects attorney, I am following the various problems with this medication. In addition to heart problems, there are other issues which are found in babies whose mothers used Paxil. These may include tremors, low blood sugar, breathing problems, seizures, and irritability.

In the usual case, these problems happen most likely in the first trimester. However, In July of 2006, the Food & Drug Administration warned that there was a risk of PPHN in babies when Paxil was taken after the 20th week of pregnancy. This warning occurred after a study was published earlier in the year by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Paxil birth defects

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As a Corpus Christi Paxil birth defects lawyer, I am very interested in the ongoing litigation. Paxil, an antidepressant, has been linked to a higher risk of birth defects in the infants and children of women who have taken the drug while they were pregnant. The Food and Drug Administration warned in 2005 that women who take the antidepressant while they are pregnant are twice as likely to have kids with major birth defects as those women who are taking various other antidepressants.

DePuy hip replacement litigation

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As a Corpus Christi defective medical device lawyer, I am closely following the DePuy hip replacement litigation. In September of 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. recalled its ASR Hip Replacement Systems. The recall followed numerous reports of a much higher than reasonably acceptable failure rate. Patients were often having to have another hip replacement surgery within five years. It is believed that the DePuy ASR hip systems have been put in approximately 93,000 individuals. This DePuy ASR hip systems recall will only affect those persons who had hip surgery after July of 2003. Unfortunately, many thousands of individuals have already reported experiencing numerous DePuy ASR hip systems problems. These problems have included swelling, serious or constant and a loosening or dislocation of the DePuy ASR hip systems implant.

Chantix Black Box warning

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As a Corpus ChristiChantix and dangerous drug lawyer, it is important to understand some of the problems people are having with the drug. Chantix is a smoking cessation medication owned by Pfizer, Inc. It was approved by the Food & Drug Administration in 2006. Chantix blocks nicotine receptors, and thus reduces cravings for cigarettes and other tobacco products. It was the first nicotine receptor partial agonist which was approved by the Food & Drug Administration. Chantix is an alternative to various other smoking cessation drugs.

Wrongful death lawsuits

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As a Corpus Christi wrongful death lawyer, it is important to explain some of the issues involved in a wrongful death lawsuit. These suits are civil actions (as opposed to criminal) which charge another person, company or entity with being liable for the injury which results in the plaintiff’s death because of negligence or a failure to act. The plaintiff (who is the executor or administrator of the estate of the deceased) must show that the decedent would not have passed away but for the defendant’s negligence. In Texas, wrongful death suits happen because the Texas Legislature has passed a law allowing them. As such, this wrongful death statutes controls the law.

The History of the Jones Act

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As a Corpus Christi and Port Lavaca Jones Act lawyer, the history of the Jones Act is interesting to me. Prior to 1920, seafarers had very little legal protection against horrible working and living conditions while working aboard ships. With the passing of section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, which is now referred to as the Jones Act, workers aboard ships received better safety and better remedies if they got injured. The Act received its name from Senator Wesley L. Jones of Washington state, who proposed the law to maintain a good and viable working force on the seas. This was intended to increase the growth of worldwide marine commerce.